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Journey Work

“Beyond the visible lies a powerful lens dispersing light on a field of expanded possibilities.”
- Maia

“Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare,
But if it is safety that you seek, Stay on the shore” -Sa’di

What to expect from your first Journey Work experience

After contacting Maia, the next step is to begin the process via an initial phone meeting. This initial meeting is to understand your goals, what brings you to this work, and to request written permission to do the Journey Work. Maia is available to help you clarify your specific questions and concerns.

Once she has conducted the journey on your behalf, she will create a detailed written summary of what was revealed during the journey. This summary will also include suggestions and next steps you may choose to take to enhance your situation, or resolve your concerns. The summary is sent via pdf to your email. A follow up phone appointment can be scheduled to help you further process and clarify the results.

Journey Work for Animals

Maia also conducts Journey Work sessions on behalf of you and your animal companions to address questions or concerns you have about them.

Through this process, she becomes a link between you and your animal companion and opens communication lines. Light can be shed on the root of behaviors and issues that can help foster healing and change.

Our animal companions have much invested (as we do) in their lives and in their relationship with us. This work honors our relationships and deepens our human-animal bond.

Journey Work can be done on behalf of any species including animals that live in the wild.

Examples of common questions center around:

  • Behavior issues
  • Physical and emotional challenges
  • Challenges integrating into your family
  • Questions about death and end of life
  • General desire to know more about your animal companions
  • Questions about the history of your rescue animal
  • Questions about animals that have crossed over

"Our animal companions don't block feelings. They are masters of the art of unconditional loving. Along with helping us learn how to keep our hearts open, they teach us to be more present and connected to the Universe and the natural world.
This is a powerful gift they bring human kind."
- Laser

Animal Loss and Grief Consultation

"Our animals shepherd us through eras in our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own...they let us go." - author unknown

Healing Touch for Animals®

"Animals are part of our spiritual family. They operate at a much higher frequency of love and intelligence than we do and have the ability to heal at a rapid speed. We can be transformed as we honor them and learn from them." - author unknown

"The art of healing comes from nature, not the physician. He must start from nature, with an open mind." - Paracelsus

" You lack a foot to travel? Then journey into yourself...that leads to transformation of dust into pure gold "



Whenever I need guidance on personal issues or help with my animal companions, I consult Maia. She is a gifted intuitive with a compassionate heart, and the ability to directly connect with my situation or my animal companions through Journey Work. She delivers the information she receives in a gentle, clear and specific way providing me with much needed answers.

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Maia is a skilled and gifted healer who is constantly reaching out to learn new practices to benefit our animal companions. Throughout history, people have wished for more understanding about their animal’s experience. Maia unlocks the barrier and gives us a special gift....the opportunity to have a closer bond with our beloved animal companions.

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Welcome to Maia's services page, where the art of healing unfolds as a secret healer specializing in transformative Journey Work for individuals. Explore tailored offerings, including compassionate Animal Loss & Grief Consultation, where Maia guides you through the healing process with sensitivity and expertise. Engage in Healing Touch for Animals®, a unique practice that extends Maia's healing abilities to the animal kingdom, fostering holistic well-being in both human and furry companions. Discover the profound impact of Maia's secret healing touch and personalized Journey Work tailored to individuals, as well as the specialized care provided for those navigating the loss of beloved animal companions.

Delve into the array of services offered by Maia, the secret healer, and experience the transformative power of Journey Work for individuals. Whether seeking solace in Animal Loss & Grief Consultation or extending healing touch to animal friends through Healing Touch for Animals®, Maia's services page is your gateway to a comprehensive approach to well-being. Uncover the secrets of holistic healing as you navigate the diverse offerings designed to bring comfort, balance, and renewal on your unique journey to healing and self-discovery.