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Warrior of the Heart

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About Maia

At her core Maia is a gifted healer and a warrior of the heart.

She has been on a committed lifelong personal journey of self discovery and transformation. Maia has sought out knowledge and wisdom from a wide array of sources in order to expand, learn, and to be of greatest service to others.

From an early age Maia has had a strong connection to the natural world, particularly animals. She views them as great teachers that offer powerful medicine, and possess the ability to accurately mirror what is going on within people.

Maia has an innate ability to connect with people and to animals on a deep intuitive level, and has cultivated a life and body of work that is effective and transformational.

Working With Maia

As a skilled and compassionate psychotherapist, mentor and guide in private practice for more than 30 years, she has assisted countless people on their personal transformational journeys. Her work has brought together the fruits of a wide range of interdisciplinary studies including transpersonal psychology, eco psychology, mind body practices, and martial arts.

For decades Maia has immersed herself in experiential work, training and the study of cross cultural /indigenous wisdom traditions, teachings, and healing modalities. Her work reveals how these sacred traditions bring relevance to how we understand and act in our lives.

Following her calling, she is presently bringing to the forefront of her work these teachings and ways of healing. She offers Journey Work sessions for people. In addition, she offers Journey Work on behalf of companion animals and their people.

As a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, she is in service to both small and large animals. Her work promotes and strengthens the human-animal bond.

More About Maia

" With each relationship with my animal companions, my ability to know the power of love, trust and devotion has deepened "

Maia Silver

" The highest degree of medicine is Love "



Recently there was a shift in my 17 year old dog Diva. She was showing significant signs of decline.
I was feeling it might be time to say our goodbyes. It was within 24 hours after Maia did a healing touch session for her that she bounced back! So grateful for our time together.

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The wisdom Maia offers comes through a uniquely balanced fusion of deep intuition and practical knowledge of the human mind and earthly experience. The report she delivered to me was clear, articulate, and directly addressed my questions, empowering me to navigate my relationship issues more effectively; and with a greater sense of personal power. She is an exceptional intuitive who delivers honest council through a compassionate and loving heart. I am deeply grateful for the experience and will definitely return for another journey.

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Embark on a compelling narrative as you delve into Maia's story on the About page, where her journey unfolds from survivor to healer. As a dedicated healing touch practitioner, Maia's transformative path is rooted in the mastery of journey work, making her a beacon of holistic wellness. From overcoming personal challenges to honing her skills as a healing touch practitioner, Maia's narrative is an inspiring testament to resilience and the profound impact of her journey work in fostering well-being.

Witness the evolution from survivor to healer as you explore the depths of Maia's experiences on the About page. Immerse yourself in her dedication to the art of healing touch and journey work, understanding how these practices have shaped her into a compassionate and skilled practitioner. Discover the unique blend of personal triumph and professional expertise that defines Maia's journey from survivor to healer, and find inspiration for your own transformative path toward holistic wellness.